State of the art dental center

Al Alem Dental Center

Al Alem Dental Center selected by Enigma Magazine as “State of the art” dental center.

Headed by Dr. Mohamed Al-Alem, Cairo’s latest upscale dental center featuring the most up to date integrated and advanced technologies, is located in the heart of Heliopolis within the cosmopolitan Cairo Complex. With more than 15 years of experience in the industry, Dr. Al-Alem is a pioneer in the field of cosmetic dentistry and stands ready to remedy all your dental concerns. He sat down with our very own Farida El Sayed to give us an exclusive insight into his state-of-the art center and the services it offers.

As you enter Dr. Al-Alem’s clinic, you can’t help but be struck by the overall sophistication of the décor and the gilded marble floors, imparting a sense of well-being and calm that brushes away any anxiety you may be feeling. Featuring modern white interiors and panoramic views of Cairo, the center feels more like a medical retreat than a large dental center that features no less than nine operating rooms equipped with state-of-the-art technology. “My center is all integrated under the Sirona Dental System, which is the global gold standard for dental technology and machines, from its CAD/CAM system in the lab to the 3D integrated X-ray systems,” explains Dr. Al-Alem. This means that the center stands on an equal footing with the very best dental centers in the world.

While creating a dental center of this calibre is the fulfilment of a long-held dream, Dr. Al-Alem still has bigger ambitions he’s keen to pursue. “I yearn to make Egypt the go-to international destination for dental work. We have a lot of facilities and we can offer patients state-of-the-art services at much better prices than abroad. Getting one single veneer abroad can cost $1,500 – $2,000, while we can provide patients with a full set of veneers for $2,000 to $3,000, using the exact same technology and high standards,” he exclaims. “Actually, the marketing manager from Sirona visited our center recently and was surprised that we were able to produce such high-quality veneers from just a CEREC CAD/CAM,” he adds. In fact, Dr. Al-Alem is already receiving much international recognition, with foreigners now making up a large percentage of his patients. From Australia to Kuwait, patients from all over the world are flocking to his center for advanced dental work at affordable prices. It also helps that his center, a mere 10 minute drive from Cairo International Airport, is in a prime location for patients coming from abroad.

With his stellar reputation and professional success, it is no wonder that Dr. Al Alem’s portfolio of patients is a who’s who of high-profile figures, ranging from actresses and singers to political figures and prominent businessmen. He credits his reputation to word of mouth testimonials from satisfied patients. “I have never told anybody to come here. It just so happens that when people ask around for a good doctor, they are usually led my way,” he reveals.

Dr. Al-Alem credits where he is today to his philosophy of always focusing on functionality before aesthetics. “It is not about the shape, it is not about the colour, but rather about living a healthy and functional life with your teeth. If you have the best smile but you feel pain in your gums or you are bleeding, you will not be satisfied with your beautiful smile,” he says.

Dr. Al-Alem acknowledges that a large reason for his clinic’s success is his impressive team of dentists and nurses. Even though the center opened just three months ago, it boasts an impressive roster of 78 dentists, all fully qualified to deliver excellent service to the clinic’s patients. “To deliver the best customer service, we train our dentists and nurses on how to treat patients, because more fundamental than the work we deliver, is the quality of service we provide to our patients,” he explains passionately. In addition, Dr. Al-Alem only hires doctors or nurses that have completed all of their higher education to ensure that they can give the optimal service to the clients. “This is not a center that hires college students,” says Dr. Al-Alem, “this is the place that you aim to work at a couple of years down the line.” On top of this, Dr. Al-Alem recruits leading dental professionals from around the world to come to his center every six months to provide his staff with additional training. He believes that, while this guarantees the best service for his patients, it also provides a huge benefit to his staff in terms of professional development.

One strength that has enabled Dr. Al-Alem to reach such great heights in the field of dentistry, is his ability to learn from the mistakes that he’s made along the way. He tells us defiantly, “When you start in this career, of course you are going to make mistakes, however you must always get up and try again.” This fierce determination and persistence have carried him through and reinforced his belief that what makes a good doctor is not only their skills or acumen but “How you recover from your mistakes and keep on persevering.”

Dr. Al-Alem’s personal and hands-on approach plays an important part in maintaining his stellar reputation for providing world class dental services. He is present every day, working 12-hour shifts side by side with his team of highly-skilled professionals, personally making sure that his center delivers the very best in cosmetic dentistry on a consistent basis. “I make it a point to see every patient who walks through my door. Nobody touches the patient before me or performs anything before I conduct my diagnosis,” he states.


Dr. Al-Alem also takes pride in the fact that he has experienced a zero marginal failure rate across all of his procedures during his tenure as a dentist. As a result, no patient has ever left his office dissatisfied or unhappy. To achieve this unparalleled success rate and ensure every client’s satisfaction, he stresses that, after diagnosing the problem, it is especially important to take his patients’ opinions into account when deciding on the solution. “Everything from the shape, colour and final result is discussed and agreed upon with my patients beforehand,” says Dr. Al-Alem. “Providing stellar aftercare is also an essential element for success. My team and I follow up with the patients up to six months post-op to ensure they are healthy and satisfied. If there are any problems that persist, we offer follow-up treatments,” he explains.

To reassure people with phobias about visiting the dentist, Dr. Al-Alem has worked hard to perfect his methods in order to guarantee that all his procedures are pain-free. “Even when it comes to root canals, which normally can be pretty excruciating, we perform them at my center with no pain at all,” he declares. In the case of children, in particular, who can’t withstand the pain, he explains, “I set them up in a hospital to perform the surgery in an operating room under full anesthesia, so they don’t feel a thing.”

Dr. Al Alem is also known to complete his treatment in a single visit while still maintaining the highest quality of service. Whether it is removing an abscess or placing a dental crown, he can complete the process in one single visit. “We guarantee a short turnover of just one day for any case,” he steadfastly declares.

Looking ahead, Dr. Al-Alem plans to open a second dental center in Sheikh Zayed in a year or two, while continuing to focus on his Heliopolis center for the time being. Given the amazing success of his first center, residents of West Cairo will surely be anxiously waiting for Dr. Al-Alem to bring his superior dental services to a location near them.