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Yellow or stained teeth can be a real threat to your overall appearance. If you suffer from discoloration within your smile, you are certainly not alone. Teeth can yellow or darken over time. This can be due to a variety of factors including lifestyle habits like smoking, consuming dark-colored foods and drinks and the natural aging process. The good news is that we can effectively and easily reverse your tooth stains at Al Alem Dental Center by providing the best cosmetic dental treatments. With our advanced professional whitening technology, you can regain the white, brilliant smile you were meant to have. Our in-office whitening treatments allow you to lighten your teeth by several shades in less than an hour. For those that wish to gain a brighter smile in the comfort of their own home, we also offer professional-grade gel and custom whitening trays. Regardless of how you prefer to whiten your teeth, you can expect a dramatic improvement in your smile confidence when your treatment is complete.